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Top tips for feeling accepted

This week I am joined in the vlog by Fiona ( coordinator for the North), Margaret ( Coordinator for the West) and Mary ( coordinator for the SouthWest). I love this team. I approve of them ! And I accept them. Listen in on our chat about the difference between these two words and concepts and how it affects us. I would like my team to know that they are always accepted and that approval is not something they need to worry about. I think we do operate as a team in a way that is very accepting but it's so easy to slip into needing approval from others. In some ways in a work setting we do need those we work for and with to approve our actions. I think that's ok. It is when the need for approval from others becomes a driving factor that we are in trouble.

I think I realise about myself that I'm more needy than I'd like to be. I do need affirmation and encouragement. I think maybe that's just being human. I am grateful for those around me who know me well enough to realise that even those of us who seem confident still flourish with encouraging words. It was great to hear the team this week sharing how they choose to listen more to God's approval and acceptance that other voices. Our prayer rhythms do help with this .

I also shared something I've been learning about accepting the community you are in and not trying to make it what you want it to be. I refer to the little book " Life Together" by the theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A really challenging little read . Highly Recommended.

Hope your deep dive into acceptance and discussions with friends is helpful this week. Do share your thoughts in the chat and share any other "A" words or phrases that help with your wellbeing.

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