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Take a Breather

B is for breath again this week has led me to take more time to meditate and take a breather. I find myself on the beautiful Isle of Man, land of my birth, this week. What place to breathe deeply. In fact I often say I can only breathe properly when I am on the Island with the sea air in my lungs. So it was a delight to lead a retreat this weekend at the first ever retreat house on this amazing Island. Check it out A great please to come and breathe deeply.

The vlog this week was an impromptu moment on a walk round Peel castle hence the lack of proper microphones etc ( apologies for teh sound at times ) . I hope you enjoy taking a stroll with me and breathing deeply the good Manx sea air. ( wish that were possible via technology .. not yet hey !)

I was going to share loads of clever Hebrew words with you like "neshemah " which is a great word for breath first used in Genesis when God breathes life into our nostrils and a word which has echoes of the the Hebrew word for name " shem" so reminding me that my very being , my life , my name was breathed into life and needs breathing into life by God each day.

But instead I offer you a moment to pause with me and am reminded that it's not the big study of words that brings me most life but the simple breathing in of a Psalm phrase each day , each time I pick up a cup, each walk , each moment I remember : God with me , breathing life into me as a constant , frequent , vital practice.

This week's vlog takes me outside between last week's meditation and this weeks' as I stand between the sea and the castle. External reminders can really help us fix our minds on a phrase that is good and true. Don't forget you can get a weekly email with the meditations from me each Monday ( and all the meditations are available on the shop page of our website www,

Breathe deeply. Pause often .

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