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Praying with HOPE

So as I continue to think about hope and wellbeing I want to share a few ideas about how I have hope when I feel anxious.

I tend to find I worry most about those people or things I care most about. This is when prayer can turn into worrying with my eyes shut if I don't watch out.

One of the ways I now pray for my kids is to use an image whenever I pray for them. A friend shared the idea with me and I find it helpful . It might not be to you but take a look at the vlog and read the section in the book and see whether you have or could have a way to develop hope filled prayer instead of worry filled prayer.

It is absolutely fine to just whittle away in prayer. God can cope . He knows our hearts . I just found it didn't do me much good and I could end up replaying over and over scenarios that may not ever happen.

The practice of using images and objects and key Scriptures to help me form prayers that are filled with truth and HOPE has been so helpful that I broke my own rules of never sharing about my kids in a public setting to include this practice in the book.

(The reason I don't talk about my kids is not because I don't think they are amazing but because that is their story and not mine to share.. I feel he same about regulars at Renew spaces and am careful, I hope, about what I share. Also for those without family I am aware this can be so hard .)

I encourage you to translate my ramblings about prayer for my family into your own situation . What do you care deeply about , worry about and pray about? Is there a way some of these habits might help or do you have other ideas you could share ?

May HOPE rise . It is a gift from God but we can feed it .

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