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J is for JOY

What makes you joyful?

That's not the same as asking what makes you happy ... or at least I don't think it is. I explain what I think the difference is in this week's vlog. Do you see a difference ? Try looking up the Hebrew words for joy when it is used in the Old Testament and you will find the word joy over 100 times in 15 different forms . It is often associated with celebrating. In the new testament the Greek hints at inner calm and delight.

Happiness however comes from the word "hap" which has to do with circumstances so until your circumstances are right you can't have it. Whereas Joy .. well that's a different matter.

How often have you known a deep moment of joy even when things are not going well?

In our Renew centres we encourage people to be honest.. yes.. but also to seek out the joyful moments .. to find hobbies and interests that engage us in joy.. which can co exist with sorrow and pain.

I share a few of my joy things in the vlog . I wonder what yours are ?

We can learn so much by engaging together in that which brings us joy as a community as well as giving space to express lament and honest feelings that are not joyful.

Do share your joy moments in the hosts facebook chat , in your Renew spaces or by joining us for elevenses in the chat room on Tuesdays .

There will be much joy on Thursday at 7.30pm in our AGM... it's more joyful than it sounds ! Lots to thank God for ... Zoom code from . All welcome

Enjoy this moment with me .. a little murmuration of starlings over the house the other night

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