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I is for Interests (2)

So the vlog this week is simply some pics and music to help you think of hobbies and interests you could do on your own or better still that you could share . Thanks to our Renew spaces for sending them in. Do keep sharing these ideas on the hosts facebook page and by sending them to me or

In our Renew Wellbeing spaces we go for a strength based approach and encourage everyone to bring a hobby and share a hobby. When we opened spaces again after the lockdowns many hosts reported that people didn't want to do hobbies but really wanted to just sit and chat. This sounds like a good thing doesn't it . But I found myself cautioning our hosts to keep encouraging all to attend to their wellbeing with hobbies and activities WHILST chatting. The reason for this is that just sitting and chatting is lovely for a few weeks and then two things can happen :

  1. People get to know each other so well that "in talk" starts and it is very hard for anyone new to join the group

  2. People start offloading all their problems and suddenly you create a "them and us " situation and a fixing mentality.

As well as loving the activities I did at Renew it was a good way to stop myself trying to become the saviour, the fixer , the volunteer and to sit alongside and just be human.

It was also a good way to cut the oxygen off from a tricky conversation that was becoming therapeutic and dependent on me. I would bring the attention back to the activity often with a break in the chat to go and sit in the quiet room first .

Do not underestimate the activities and interests in the room . We have so much to learn about wellbeing practices from each other. Let's keep learning and sharing

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