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Growing good roots

G is for Growth. Wellbeing is all about growing. But I don't just mean growing more Renew spaces or even more fruit. I am interested in growing character .

I was reading recently in a book called " the Other Half of Church" by Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks about the left and right sides of the brain. They were explaining how so much of what we do in church and discipleship is left brained ie learning through words and understanding. However the right brain is where all information enters first and this is not wordy but relational and creative and where joy can be experienced. This is also where character is formed and yet we spend more of our time working out how to follow Jesus rather than experiencing Him in one another and in the everyday things.

This is a very sketchy précis of some very interesting writing so please take a look yourself and see what you think.

It made me think about the soil of my soul and how well prepared I am to receive God's presence , His joy , His spirit , His words. I reflect in the vlog that even soil preparation seems to be all grace at the end of the day . Only the great gardener can clear the rubble in the soil of our lives.

But I do think some of the daily rhythms and habits we are learning together as a charity can help to make the inner life ready to receive God's ever present love.

I wonder what soil preparation you do for your inner life ?

Keep chatting and reflecting on how good things grow in your character ?

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