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Dwell in Him

So it's our second week looking at D is for Dwell. I was pondering whether the verse in John 14 that talks about "many rooms " in the Father's house could be something that is helpful now, not just at funerals. You see I think dwelling in God is the invitation of our lives .. and that there is vast space in Him, many rooms ... and maybe, thus far, I have only seen a room or two and were is so much more to dwelling in Him.

I talk in the little vlog this week about the 3 Ps presence, prayer and partnership and how they can help with habits of dwelling. What habits do you have every day that help you to move into the mansion of God''s presence?

For me it is , among other things

  • Being present in every breath

  • Being present in every task

  • dwelling in God's word each day

  • Being with others who are also dwelling in Him

  • The rhythms of prayer

  • The cup thing

I quote Frank Laubach in his book " Practising the presence of God" when he says , talking of Brother Lawrences dwelling habits , " I want to make my life an experiment in the practise of the presence of God "

I do too !

How are you dwelling in God as He dwells in you ? What does that actually look like practice in your life ?

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