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Compassion in our Renew Centres

This week the vlog is more a series of pictures with a few thoughts from me about how compassion is at the very heart of this movement.

Knowing God is compassionate for us by pausing and praying and listening to Him, being compassionate towards ourselves in giving ourselves space and time to attend to our wellbeing , leads us to being compassionate towards others.

It is wonderful to see in over 240 centres the compassion of God in action. I have a feeling compassion is love in action actually. So when we can see that our love for the other actually looks like something it helps. It helps when we make it mean something in our diaries not just saying "I'm sorry you feel left out or lonely " or "I'm sorry you have no-one to pray with or do your hobbies with" but actually showing up and slowing down and being present is such a compassionate act.

And there are hundreds , thousands even, of hosts and regulars in Renew centres up and down the country doing just that. It is so simple we can't believe it is even that important but God showed His love for us , His compassion for us, by coming to us, dwelling with us ... and that is how we can become His compassion to others.

This Saturday morning ( 10-12)

we will spend time on zoom in a retreat being present to God and learning more about Dwelling in Him and Him dwelling in us . Hope you can join us . Contact me for the zoom code if you don't have it already. (

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