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Compassion ... for yourself !

Sorry this week's blog and vlog are a bit late. As a team we sent much of last week on retreat at the wonderful beach chalet belonging to Lee abbey in Devon. We highly recommend it. This week's vlog is recorded sitting on a rock with the lovely Fiona and the rest of the team milling around behind me making a spiral of stones depicting every Renew space open so we could pray for you all and in some way feel you were all with us ( sorry .. you weren't) .

We took time to pray and discuss what is happening with Renew spaces but we also put the TREAT back in ReTREAT ! This team works hard and usually alone at a screen so we took joy in time together , in walks and even a Christmas dinner with secret Santa ( Thanks Fiona and Sarah !).

Fiona speaks honestly in the vlog about overworking and the need to have some self compassion. I wonder if you are one of those folk, like my lovely team, who show compassion to everyone and rarely to themselves. We are on a learning journey to receive God's compassion and then show compassion to all His creatures which includes ourselves.

In what way do you care for yourself, show understanding and love towards your own weaknesses and make sure you take regular breaks and treats ? Use the chat on this website to share your thoughts. And take it easy if you can this week.

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