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And Breathe

This week's video is posted ... it's a chat between myself and Sharon our chair of Trustees about how deep breathing helps with work, pain and daily life. How are your chats going about wellbeing? This breathing thing is fairly vital right? I talk in the chapter B is for breath about how I had to learn to breathe differently after I became ill. A speech therapist had to teach me deeper breathing techniques as my shallow breathing was affecting the health of my whole body. It is something we do without even thinking about it yet it can affect everything else.

I touch on the Hebrew words for breath and herein lies some fascinating stuff to talk about together. Take a look at what it says about God and breath in the Old Testament ( google search Look at Genesis and how God created us and the part breath plays. Look at the names for the Holy Spirit and the references to breath.

I would love to listen in on your conversations about this vital activity . Do feed back via this chat or by emailing I also have a face book page for the books which I will update this week so take your pick of ways to get involved or just find a few friends and deepen the understanding of wellbeing where you are.

And take time to actually breathe deeply , not just talk about it., As you know I take a few minutes every morning with my first cuppa to settle myself with deep breaths in God's presence. I've still a lot to learn and the daily practice helps me remember that God is in every breath .. and every breath is a gift.

As Sharon and I walked and talked the other day for the vlog we came across a sign ( see pic) . The need to breathe deeply is all around us . How can we connect our practices as church to the practices already out there so that people meet the God of Shalom in the breathing ?

Anyway keep chatting wellbeing and don't forget to ... BREATHE deeply !

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