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Acceptance and approval

So the A-Z journey has begun with A for acceptance. Take a look at the vlog post in "my videos" where I have a great chat with Mary and Shirley our new coordinators for the South. I love these two amazing women and its humbling to listen back to our chat and hear the honesty and vulnerability even though I gave them no preparation time whatsoever. I hope the little window on our short chat ( we will continue it in next week's vlog by the way) encourages you to start your own conversations. Use the ramblings in the book and the questions at the end of the chapter to help you. If you haven't got anyone to chat to you could journal your thoughts and/or find a Renew space by clicking on the map on .

The questions are

  • Which do you find hardest, accepting yourself or accepting others, and why?

  • What are your thoughts about God being your shepherd, about being accepted by him?

  • Where do you feel most accepted, and why?

  • Could you imagine a space, like the one described, in your community? Where would it be and what would you enjoy doing there?

If you would like to chat with me on one of the vlogs about a particular letter do get in touch and we can get a zoom or a face to face booked in.

Do add your own thoughts about acceptance to the chat

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