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A Year of Wellbeing

So it's World Mental Health day this Monday 10th Oct. To be honest I think every day is world mental health day. Looking after our mental and emotional health is right at the heart of all I believe.

To help churches engage with mental and emotional wellbeing I am offering a year's journey through the A-Z of Wellbeing ( buy from any bookshop, online or from our shop page) . I wrote this book during the pandemic to help explain what I think wellbeing is and what it could look like in practice in our communities and lives.

I will be posting a blog and a video here every Wednesday as I go through the A-Z.

I will spend 2 weeks reflecting on each letter. Sometimes I will do this on my own. Sometimes I will share with a group, a friend or a Renew team depending on where I am on Wednesdays. I am calling these my Wellbeing Wednesdays.

I know that this journey began with my own need to attend to my wellbeing. That is still the case.and I realise how much I need time alone with God and time discussing and praying with others to help deepen the shalom we all need so desperately.

I am delighted to be partnering with St Andrews Bookshop and the Big Church Read again. Go to their website to find all the free resources.

Use the chat facility on this website to share what you are learning about wellbeing. You may well come up with a different alphabet of wellbeing for you and yours . I hope you do.

Here's to God's shalom breaking out all over the place !!!

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