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Let’s get deeper into wellbeing . The YEAR OF WELLBEING journey has begun. Join us ( see blog/ video )

I am fascinated by the concept of wellbeing and linking it to prayer.  Since recovering from a breakdown and founding a wellbeing charity I have found it helpful to write and share my words. I love to open up discussions about better wellbeing habits. is a place to invite you into this world of wellbeing through words.

My books include

"Slow down, Show up and Pray"

"5 Ways to Inner Wellbeing"( ebook only)

"A-Z of Wellbeing "

(all published by Authentic Media)

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It's a weird thing when your vulnerability becomes the most fruitful thing in your life. Having a breakdown several years ago whilst busy being a Christian leader, a wife, Mum and a teacher didn't seem like a good thing and I would never want to go through it again. But because of that year I discovered deeper inner habits and found ways to share my need for wellbeing within the community and church.

 I didn't set out to be an author. I am just fascinated by the concept of wellbeing and the priority of prayer and what that could look like in our everyday habits. 

I set up this space ,, with the goal of inviting others into the wellbeing conversation through the written word.

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"how can we renew wellbeing in our own lives and in our local communities"

Read my story, the story of Renew Wellbeing and how to set up a Renew space .

Ruth Rice

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"If ever there was a time to prioritise wellbeing, it's now."

26 short chapters to help you deepen your own wellbeing practices and to develop shared community language to improve wellbeing

Ruth Rice

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A Year of Wellbeing with the Big Church Read

M is for Meditation

Ruth Rice
M is for Meditation
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M is for Meditation

M is for Meditation

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K is for Kindness

K is for Kindness

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J is for JOY

J is for JOY

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I is for Interests

I is for Interests

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M is for meditation

I wonder do you meditate ? Many of you will say you don't ... I certainly used to say I didn't .. I used to think there was something a...

K is for Kindness

So we come to such an important way to wellbeing. Kindness. For me this is what love looks like so often. It is certainly what we...

J is for JOY

What makes you joyful? That's not the same as asking what makes you happy ... or at least I don't think it is. I explain what I think the...

I is for Interests (2)

So the vlog this week is simply some pics and music to help you think of hobbies and interests you could do on your own or better still...

I is for Interests

In my A-Z of wellbeing , interests and hobbies are extremely important. If you read the chapter in the book ( The A-Z of Wellbeing) you...

Praying with HOPE

So as I continue to think about hope and wellbeing I want to share a few ideas about how I have hope when I feel anxious. I tend to find...

H is for HOPE

" Hope that does not disappoint us" is what the Bible talks about when it talks about hope ( Romans 5) How often have you been...

Growing good roots

G is for Growth. Wellbeing is all about growing. But I don't just mean growing more Renew spaces or even more fruit. I am interested in...

G is for Growth

Welcome back.. sorry for the lack of words about F is for family but I do hope you have managed to experience family in some way over the...

Dwell in Him

So it's our second week looking at D is for Dwell. I was pondering whether the verse in John 14 that talks about "many rooms " in the...


D is for dwell. The vlog is out now and it contains some poems written by myself and some of our renew hosts from various retreats I have...

Compassion in our Renew Centres

This week the vlog is more a series of pictures with a few thoughts from me about how compassion is at the very heart of this movement....

Compassion ... for yourself !

Sorry this week's blog and vlog are a bit late. As a team we sent much of last week on retreat at the wonderful beach chalet belonging to...

Take a Breather

B is for breath again this week has led me to take more time to meditate and take a breather. I find myself on the beautiful Isle of Man,...

And Breathe

This week's video is posted ... it's a chat between myself and Sharon our chair of Trustees about how deep breathing helps with work,...

Top tips for feeling accepted

This week I am joined in the vlog by Fiona ( coordinator for the North), Margaret ( Coordinator for the West) and Mary ( coordinator for...

Acceptance and approval

So the A-Z journey has begun with A for acceptance. Take a look at the vlog post in "my videos" where I have a great chat with Mary and...

What's this A-Z of Wellbeing all about?

So if you are wondering what this wellbeing journey is all about here's an excerpt from the introduction to the book... hope you can join...

A Year of Wellbeing

So it's World Mental Health day this Monday 10th Oct. To be honest I think every day is world mental health day. Looking after our mental...

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Do get in touch with your local bookshop/ Christian bookshop to get hold of my books or order on line if you can't get to a bookshop.
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